FaxCore is the only fax server built in and for the Internet age. FaxCore can be deployed as an on-premise fax server or completely in the cloud as a managed fax server.

FaxCore’s partnership with etherFAX allows for a ‘Partly-cloudy’ fax implementation. The FaxCore software runs on your servers, typically VMs, and the fax boards and phone lines are provided by etherFAX. Think of etherFAX as a fax board in the cloud. The etherFAX monthly plans are based on the number of fax pages sent and received.

For those who prefer a turnkey appliance solution, we offer a range of configurations to satisfy almost every need. Our servers consist of pre-assembled appliance with the FaxCore software and appropriate fax board or FoIP drivers preinstalled. Combining remote installation and annual support and maintenance bundled into a single line item simplifies the purchase. The appliances support analog, digital or FoIP deployments, integration with VoIP PBXs.