The PostBase Mini is part of FP’s PostBase line of postage meters. The Mini can process up to 17 letters per minute and is perfect for small businesses with light mail volume. It’s the first and only small business meter to include IMI (Intelligent Mail Indicia), the U.S. Postal Service’s most secure postage data and imprinting system.

User-friendly color touch screen control
The modern color touch screen makes controlling and operating the Mini as easy as making a call with your smartphone.

Smooth, reliable postage imprinting at up to 17 letters per minute
If you already understand the benefits of using a postage meter, you won’t find a quieter, simpler meter in its class.

Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) security
At launch, the PostBase Mini is the only postage meter available that conforms to the USPS Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) criteria. This gives the Mini the highest level of security, protecting your valuable postage from loss or theft.

  • Process mail as rapidly as 15 letters per minute.
  • Compact size (12” wide X 8” deep) fits comfortably in your existing space.
  • High capacity integrated 2kg scale sets postage accurately and quickly.
  • Download postage via analog phone line or internet (using connected PC with MailCredit software).
  • Add custom messages to your postage imprint (indicia).